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Diets and Health Care Providers

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It’s essential to stay on top of meal planning and exercise, but choosing a diet should take more than a quick internet search. Successful dieters, even those who follow standardized programs, lose and keep off weight when they pair their plans with structure from their health care providers. Getting Health Care Providers on Board Diets don’t just affect the waistline. Drastically changing food intake and exercise can cause a lot of change to a dieter’s mood and body. Doctors can help predict these changes or give assistance for putting...

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Choosing Urgent Care over the Emergency Room

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Walk-in clinics and urgent care centers like Doctors Express may not be able to completely replace emergency room and traditional doctor services, but there are many conditions that don’t require the ER and the wait and bills that come with it. When to Visit the Emergency Room Some conditions require hospital-level attention. While an ER might be a little more expensive, some of these issues require the different departments that only a hospital can offer. Symptoms of a heart attack – chest pains, shortness of breath and numbness in the...

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